"The body is our way to be in the world, the body is our general medium for having a world


Phenomenology of perception

M. Merleau-Ponty



The body as a laboratory / as a battle ground: is through the knowing of one's own body that one can rethink and reorganise the inherited configurations of perception and transform the different realities. Acknowledging the body and mind hierarchies one can navigate through different paradigms of perception and open new doors of existing and interacting in the environment. 

I use these elements as tools that I apply to deal with inner and external sensitive experiences, as a way to develop a body and mind awareness about the structures that shape behavior, and perception. Testing the limits of the anatomy, and imagination not only in a self-analyze but also regarding the community, social and nature environment in order to challenge their resilience and transformative capacity.


Dakota Comín is a contemporary dancer, teacher, and choreographer, based in Berlin.

She graduates in 2013 in the Professional Conservatory of Dance of Valencia, Spain. She keeps on studying in Madrid between 2014 and 2018, in Conservatorio Superior de Danza de Madrid, Carmen Senra Danza and Descalzinha. She starts working as a performer in 2016 performing between Portugal and Spain with national and international choreographers.


Is in 2018 where she moves to Berlin to start her own work and collaborate with new artists as a performer and choreographer.

She is also formed in Pilates and has a background in Anthropology and Visual Arts.