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Estudios para Anatomia: La Mujer 

Direction: Natalia Fernandes


Performers/ Creators : Dakota Comín e Isabella Rossi

Invited Performer: Teresa Santos

Light Designer: Pablo Sánchez

Premiere: Museo del Traje,  Madrid October 2016


Collaborators and acknowledgments : Teatro Canal/ Centro de Danza Canal, Musibéria/Serpa, Casa do Brasil/Madrid, Estudio Carmen Senra and Coreógrafos en Comunidad/Conde Duque.

As a result of an artistic collaboration between Natalia Fernandes and two artists living in Madrid – Isabela Rossi and Dakota Comín – the project “Studies for Anatomy – Women” marks the first step that aims to access contemporary thought, with our main questions and behaviors, through muscles, bones and organs.
’The body is thought, so the movement of the body is, consequently, the movement of thought.' This reasoning is the initial basis and driving force of Natalia’s physical work for this research, thinking and movement being a source of reciprocal action.

In this first study, focused on the question of women and their anatomy, the interpreters investigate women’s thinking, their questions and desires through the possibilities and limitations of anatomy.  

To what extent does my anatomy define who I am?

My body is objective and my body is subjective.
I am my anatomy but also a little more.

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