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-a study on the perception of the world through the body-


Direction and performance: Dakota Comín

Co-creators and performers: Iris González, Matilde Basseti

Original music: Carlos Andrés Ortega

Premiere: Centre Cultural del Carme, Valencia 2019

Tanks to: Ufer Studios, Berlin TanzFabrik, Berlin. RadialSystem, Berlin. Carlos Andrés Ortega

No Body's Mind is process around how our body perceives the environment , and how it feels determinated (or not) by it. A path where we want to detach ourselves from the external imputs, and the overstimulated surrounding. 

Using sensitivity and imagination as a tool, we work with our body in a way that we can

perceive the world  from different perspectives, in order to transform it.

“It is the body that must precede the norm, it is the body that makes the norm reversible”


How is our body dealinig today the excess of outside information? What are we doing with our most inner and essential needs? How is our body feeling in dialog with the daily norm?


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