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Choreography and performance : Georgia Bettens, Dakota Comín  and Javier de la Rosa

Performed inside the spring residency of Lake Studios Berlin 

Supported by Berlin Senat Stipendium 2021

We are existing in the ambiguous state of transformation. Through creating and sustaining ‘living landscapes’, we are able to observe the process of transformation both in our bodies and through space. While noticing how the residue of a moment affects what comes next, we begin to question how the present moment is influenced by what is yet to come.

Is the body ever finished?

How to start from the beginning if things start before they happen?

Is there space for transformation within a trajectory?

What is my role in a continually evolving constellation?

What is the impact of interdependency on my trajectory?

The way of going back is a way of going forward.


link to the full footage: 


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