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This body is not completely mine 

Funded by Residenzförderung, #TakeHeart of Fond Darstellende Künste, in collaboration with Off-Bühne Komplex Chemnitz and Lake Studios Berlin

Work in progress by Dakota Comín, in collaboration with:

Gerogia Bettens, Milena Stein and Berenike Sofie

Press statement:

“This body is all that is not mine” is an apology to the sensitive body: a device that collects and shapes the information we receive, send and store. Four bodies exist in space, navigating the tension created between their memories and desires: memory as place to negotiate pasts; desire as a place to negotiate futures. Like never finished structures, these bodies transit through different stages from the immediacy of their most intimate contexts, to public and unknown territories. Where does memory ends and desire begins? In what extent are these archives affecting the individual and collective realities?

"It wasn’t then, nor now.

This body is all that is not mine. It is part of the landscape,

it is part of a matter separated in 7 billion pieces.

This body is part of my memories and desires.

The back of my ankle aches when you scream into the night.

My muscles tremble when you shudder with cold.

My shoulder blades are the continuation of your dreams.

And my arm is part of your chest, and your toes.

This body is everything that I don’t see, it is all that is not mine.” 

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