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Dancer and choreographer: Dakota Comín
Original music: Carlos Andrés Ortega
Premiere: Tanzzentrale Nürnberg "Raw and polish" 2020
Performances: Kunsthaus Kule Berlin, PAS Performing Art Space Berlin,

Lake Studios Berlin, Espai Inestable Valencia, Spain, Performing Arts Festival Berlin.


“...the fact of having been at home and having returned from there, allows a woman to reject more effectively an aggressive culture " Women Who Run with the Wolves,

C.Pinkola Estés, Ed 1992

As a need, as pleasure, as freedom and performance

Return from a place I have already inhabited,
re-turn nowhere, re-turn everywhere
Return to the body
return to born again
return from the future
return from the past
return from you
return from them
return to die
return to the present
return to look
return to walk
return to stop
return to feel
return from there
return to here
return to me



VOLVER is an infinite dialog between my body, my needs and the situation I have created in the space: a line, a diagonal, that comes and goes and never ends. I return from all the places I have been before and from all the places I will be be in the future. I try to detach from the memory, the structures and norms in my mind. I want to find home, I want to reconfigure the structures I have been using until now, I want to change the formula. But all I find is a a infinite place of transformation, my body, my mind and the space I have created.


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